Welcome back to part 4,
in this blog we will cover how to install the mobility service agent on our source VMs.
The installation process can be done manually or be pushed from the process server to Windows/Linux VMs.
To show what happens behind the curtins we will focus on the manual approach.
RDP to your process server and navigate to following file path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\home\svsystems\pushinstallsvc\repository

location mobility agent

location mobility agent

mobility agent wizard step 1

select install mobility service

mobility agent wizard step 2

Process Server Info

in case you have lost your passphrase, run following command to display the key:

mobility agent wizard step 3

installation path

mobility agent wizard step 4

last step, installing the software

In the following part we will have a look at creating the prerequisites for the fail-over location.

part 5: Prepare failover infrastructure 

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