Welcome to part 6 on migrating ASM resources to ARM with Azure Site Recovery.
In this blog we will guide you through the process of creating the ASR Recovery Plan and it’s replication settings.

Step 1: Prepare the Infrastructure

To failover from Azure to Azure, you will need to select the ‘physical server/VMware’ scenario to make this work

Select your process server

verify if your newly created storage account and VNET is ready to be used. Most important is to make sure you select the ‘Resource Manager’ deployment option

Specify RPO, recovery points and application consistent snapshots

The platform now links the plans to the process server

verification on the capacity planning

Step 2: Create Replication Policy

In here we need to specify in which subnet our VMs will be replicated to, so we will do this twice as we want our SQL server to land on the data subnet.

skipping SQL server for now

doing the same for the SQL Server, but now we select the data subnet

3: Create the recovery plan

If you want to check if things are A OK:

In the following blog we will test the failover 🙂

part 7: Planned and Unplanned failover 

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