OK, PDT (PowerShell Deployment Toolkit) deploys a complete Private Cloud infrastructure with the click of a mouse, The latest version 2.6 resolves a number of bugs, and also adds the following capabilities:

  • High availability for roles that require network load balancing
  • Shared VHDX creation
  • VM creation updates:
  •        Generation 2 VMs
  •        VLAN Tagging
  •        MAC Spoofing
  •        Autostop Settings
  •        Guest Services
  • Deployment of Windows Azure Pack Web Sites
  • Deployment of cumulative updates for SQL Server 2012
  • Ability to specify groups for server admins per component
  • Ability to specify a product key for Windows Server
  • VMCreator for AD does not delete log files after Installer completes
  • VMCreator for AD does not delete source files if Installer fails
  • Check for Web Platform Installer in Downloader

however there is a lot of planning and time required to fullfil the job … The PDT solution exist with following scritps: Downloader.ps1 Installer.ps1 VMCreator.ps1 (No editing required here) and following configurable xml files: Variable.xml VariableAD.xml Workflow.xml You can find it here: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/PowerShell-Deployment-f20bb605 A word of advice, don’t underestimate the amount of time you will spend on editing, testing and starting over again … editing XML files is cumbersome and error prone job!xmlediting









So big thanks to Benedict who created a nice graphical user interface around PDT for us, this will shorten the time required to fully edit the variables to your wishes. You can find it @ http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/PDT-GUI-for-Powershell-6908b819 Add the PDT-GUIExport.ps1 to the folder containing the PDT files, run it and fill in your values pdtgui















If your goal is to learn something about Private Cloud deployments, then this is NOT the tool for you (as you will only learn how to prepare the script), if it will be a 1 time deployment and/or you want to learn from it, deploy all SC components manually. as it will take equally much time as preparing the script. A big timesaver tip would be to leverage the downloader.ps1 from PDT, as this will collect all prerequisites you will need to start deploying the SC components.