The Azure community just announced the capability to backup IaaS VMs using Azure Backup.
With customers migrating their applications and entire virtual machines to Azure,
the protection of customer data becomes a priority.
With a few simple clicks in Azure Backup, you can now protect virtual machines.

Feature Highlights

  1. Application-consistent backup of virtual machines
    • Backup with no impact to production workloads
    • No shut down of VM required
    • Application level consistency for Windows OSes
    • File system level consistency for Linux OSes
  2. Fabric level backup
    • Unlimited scalability, with no customer resources required for backup
    • Agentless backup of multiple VMs at the same time
    • Single, central management interface through the Azure portal
    • Detailed Jobs view for tracking progress and success/failure
  3. Policy-driven backup and retention
    • Configuration of scheduled backup
    • On-demand backup
    • Automatic management of recovery points within Azure Backup vault
    • Retain backup data in Azure Backup vault even if the original VM is deleted

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