This script checks the health and capacity of a Storage Cluster based on Windows Server 2012 R2 Scale-Out File Servers. It is written by Jose Baretto (MS storage guru) and should be present in your private cloud environment as it gives you good feedback on the storage healt.
By default it will run and compare it against Microsoft CPS setup, but you can adjust it to your environment by adding additional parameters.

It performs specific health checks for

  • Failover Clustering (Cluster, Resources, Networks, Nodes)
  • Storage Spaces (Physical Disks, Enclosures, Virtual Disks)
  • Cluster Shared Volumes
  • SMB File Shares
  • Deduplication

It includes several sections, including:

  • Reporting of Storage Health, plus details on unhealthy components.
  • Reporting of Storage Capacity by Pool, Volume and Deduplicated volume.
  • Reporting of Storage Performance with IOPS and Latency per Volume
  • Collection of event logs from all cluster nodes and Summary Error Report.

You can get it here